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How will my report help prevent medication errors?

We believe in the value of patient, family and consumer experiences and stories in making healthcare safer.

By sending us your report, you will help improve the safe use of medications.

When errors are reported and studied, safer ways to prescribe, package, or use medications can be suggested, and future errors may be prevented. Knowing how and why the mistake happened may prevent the same mistake from happening again.

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Changes to labels on natural health products

ISMP Canada completed an analysis of this case and more than 300 other reported errors involving the product labels of natural health products. The analysis identified 3 main areas of concern.

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Contact lens solution

Eye injuries after use of a contact lens solution

Some contact lens cleaning solutions contain hydrogen peroxide. These cleaning solutions that contain hydrogen peroxide must not be used directly in the eye or as a rinsing solution for lenses.

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Antibiotic Liquid Medication Without a Child-Resistant Closure Contributes to Overdose

We received a report describing a young child who drank a liquid medication directly from the bottle.

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