Medication errors happen.

We can help you, and you can help your fellow Canadians by submitting a medication error report.

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I think there has been a medication error

Medication error pill bottle and pills

I think there has been a reaction to a medication

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What's the difference?

A medication error can be described as a mistake that happens with a medication. Examples include wrong dose, wrong person, or missing a known allergy to the medication.

We learn from all errors, even if you catch it before you take the medication, or if you do take it and it doesn’t cause any harm.

Medication error pill bottle and pills

A reaction is an unwanted effect that happens when the medication is used as directed. Reactions are sometimes called side effects. Unlike a medication error, a reaction generally doesn’t involve a mistake and typically can’t be prevented. Examples include nausea, rash, sleepiness, cough, and can also be more serious like liver damage.

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What if I still don’t know which report to complete?

That’s OK if you don’t know. Send in a medication error report and we’ll make sure it goes to the right place.

What happens after I report?

Your privacy

ISMP Canada will:

  • confidentially analyze your report
  • reply to you if you provided your contact information
  • develop recommendations that are designed to prevent mistakes with medications
  • provide information and tips about medication safety

ISMP Canada will not:

  • investigate a complaint on your behalf regarding an organization or health provider that may be responsible for an error